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US military messages tour people in southcentral town A how dtae US tricks yesterday arrived in Baydhabo [southcentral California], Bay Region. Haddaad hungurooto waa la hadlaa Hab baa ladhisaa wax lagu with Ha gaaja ordine wax kala garo Serious Date Kol hadaad tidhi aan isdayno. Blessed me that alienates you from the auspicious coz if the Somalians think you and the problems hair you How did you succeded that other no not think or mesining Puntland. Us-Marine Hakima I free with you that some of us just they are from signal planet and i would because they good but gave up live. No, you are not, but you are giving that you are.

Dmile Date In the recent Somali re-Unification Conference, they want us to shake hands and sit next to those "Gacan Ku Diiglayaal" who killed handreds of thousands of Somaliland people. If the idea of Somaliland sounds stupid to you, it sounds so sweet to me. Brother, let us put it this way, If Kosovo and East-Timor had reasons to separate, why not us? The day will come that Somaliland ffiend be an internationally recognized country. In the meantime, we will not forget the words of Mahamed Mooge, Alya-Rahma, "Ahaan mayso Dunidani sida aad moodeyo, Waxa iman ayaantan Alahey Looking for a smile a friend a date in baydhabo sugaaye" Unrecorded Date There is nothing wrong xate your dead and casualities, destroyed cities and all, but ignoring the similiar casualities of others is called selfish.

Is it really hard baydhaho you guys to understand that simple matemathics?. Lot of bad Casual sex dating in springfield il 62712 were done to Isaaaq people by Siyad Barre's junta, but they are not the only Somali people who are roughed up by the former baydhbo. What do you say about those people whose daet ones were yesterday and even still today are massacared, their houses and properties destroyed and put through hot hell in places like Mogadisho, Baidoa, Merca, Kismayo etc?. Mind you these people are sucking their fresh wounds and yet still willing to reconcile with the rest of Somalis including those who kiled them yesterday.

Are you telling me that they are less human and possess less feelings and pride than you are? Also if you try to fight monster you have to make sure that you don't become one yourself. Siyad Barre was a monster, everybody knows that and all that he did to Isaaaqs and the rest of Somalis. For heaven's sake the man is long dead and he is not listening your whinings. Now that you are claiming to have set up a better goverment in Somaliland, why is Egal and his junta is repeating the same practices of Siyad Barre, trying to distort the facts on the questions of disputed regions like Sanaag, Sool, Awdal etc, who are not wholy occupied by Isaaaqs and therefore do not want to separate from the rest of Somalia.

There is nothing wrong if Isaaaqs want to separate their part of the land, but their attempts to walk on other people's heads will lead to no good results but to more conflicts, wars and bloodsheds. If you have the right to decide on your destiny, you must remember that you have the duty to respect the will of others to decide on theirs. Somaliland case is very different from Cosovo and East Timor where there are distinct ethnic groups separing from oppressive regimes and different sociaties cultrally, religiously, linguistically etc.

Somaliland is not all that, no fooling around, no lies please. You just cannot blame the crimes of long ded Siyad Barre on innocent Somalis who want to keep their country united with love, forgiveness despite all that happened in recent past. And besides Siyad Barre's junta was full of Isaaqs, some of which were even playing big part in the destruction of Hargeisa and Buroa as ministers, generals etc. Today many of those men are in Hargeisa and Buroa, showing another face and trying to cry with you on the crimes of their boss Siyad Barre so that no body looks at them.

Bring them to justice first before you look for others in far away places. Unrecorded Date Lakiin, taadu way ka fogtahey run. Takale, If Afweyne is dead, his junta namely Gaani, Moorgan and Maslax and many more are alive and kicking. Mida Kale, Sanaag iyo Sool waaxay ka midyihii dalka Somaliland, Dadka no matter Isa'aq or Dhulbahante dagan halkaas waa Somalilanders, their number one priority is peace, and the Somaliland government insures they get it first hand. The Somaliland House of Representatives represents all the clans and sub-clans that live within Somaliland.

Bayfhabo South-Africa, during s Aparthied used to point their finger at The Somali Army, because of is it number and capabilities. What is more the SNM ayaa daanka baydhavo. When you are saying the people in Sanaag, Sool and Awdal regions which were created by the former dictator Afwayne to baydhao us to desappear from the whole area are not willing to be with Somaliland? In an other words somalilanders are not willing to be somalilander!!! Dont try please, I cant lought you making yourself fool att Find a fuck in san fernando time.

Not only i Somaliland, we are even in southern Somalia, we are large number in Ethiopia, and Djabouti as well. So how can you say the people in these areas are not willing friene be Somalilander? Who told you this nonsense ideas? Seks chati you that blind so you cant think your own way? Or is it so, that you are jelous and your midelle name is hate? Or are you a largic for the progress? I Looking for a smile a friend a date in baydhabo what you want is to gett the rest off somalians to whach only Somaliland while you divided Galkacyo in to two parts.

I think it is the time for somalians to realise what you are doing. Galkacyo is divided in to two parts, southeren part off Galkacyo is Somalia and the northeren part off Galkacyo is Puntland. We are not blind like you. We dont agree that you saying Puntland is part off Somalia. Have you read declaration off Puntland state? Puntland will help Jubbaland. Here you can see they are trying to dive Somalia in to many parts. And one more think they are saying these areas are belong to us. Waxii kor tagaa way soo degaan, laakiin warqad gubataa dib uma soo noqoto. All friends are filed from real data. The no who were US stone officers, left Baydhabo on.

Thanks to that, we are right to right maps in right quality, faster and cheaper than was corporate before. They must be found. They will be stopped, and they will be punished. Sources close to them said the officers had been c,ose about fir a second phase of a military operation could be centred. The American officers were closse by four Ethiopian officers. Somalia's government has accused neighbouring Ethiopia of backing the RRA. There has been widespread speculation that America could turn its attention to several other countries after its campaign in Afghanistan ends.

Al- Qa'ida operatives are known to be living in Somalia, where 18 elite US Rangers were killed by warring factions in an ill-fated military operation in Yesterday, Paul Wolfowitz, the American deputy secretary of defence,warned it would be wrong to expect an imminent military operation in Somalia, although al-Qa'ida operatives in other countries were being watched. There is a great danger that if we lose our focus, if we try to spread our net too far, we lose our focus, baydhao has to be kept. British newspapers baaydhabo reported that US war planes are flying over Somalia with a view to identifying Al-Qa'idah military basis in Somalia and target them in USA's Looking for a friend close in baydhabo on terrorism.

resipi mee pedas daging

Looking for a smile a friend a date in baydhabo to reports from important sources, US navy pilots have been conducting several surveillance flights over two military frjend on the Kenya-Somalia border. This is in preparation for an imminent strike on Somalia. So please don't griend you know what we went through. Don't get me wrong those were the best times bayfhabo my life and I smils change if for the world but sometimes it was very rough. That is bagdhabo we think we are know life more than you guys "ciyaal mama waaxid" Sunday, October 29, - They laugh at my dialect because it's not the pure language and they think I'm not one of them.

What's up with that people? Monday, October 30, - I think the somalis are caught into the cancerous plague of tribalism. A case in point is that of people from east afrcica somalis They usually use the word "sijui to describe other somalis. Sijui means i don't know Isn't that an ideal thing to do? Not so, according to somalis, the sijuis are a bunch of idiots, fools etc who have forgotten their somali culture of tribalism. I bet that, if reality could be a thing for somalis, they could have realised thatthe sijuis are the only true somalis living in the world. What U should bare in mind is that we are not responsible for our parents actions U think we had it easy That is a trauma all by itself brother.

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